• FRP Cooing Tower

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    Square Shape Cooling Tower: In general the Square Shape Cooling Tower or square type cooling tower designed for alternative to round model for selection to our buyers. Hot dipped Galvanized hardware with rectangular casing body in elegant design. The Ranges are from 50 TR to 500 TR FRP Bottle Shape Cooling Tower: The Round Shape FRP Cooling Tower may call as Bottle Shape . The casing and basins are designed to withstand severe vibration, high wind load and to resist corrosion. Hot dipped Galvanized hardware to withstand wind forces. The bottle shape makes possible to provide maximum cooling efficiency in minimum plan area with lower energy consumption. The Ranges are from 10 TR to 10000 TR. FRP Seamless Cooling Tower We Design and Manufacture a comprehensive Seamless Cooling Tower here in India, our designing peoples concentrate much more to develop these kind of Seamless Cooling Systems as per our buyers requirement that have a single piece shell. There are no seems, panels, rivets or plenty of fasteners in this Seamless Cooling Towers and with no compromise of Quality, Competitive price and Elegant look. Contact us for more information on our Seamless Cooling Systems

    Components: FRP Cooling Tower Casing FRP Cooling Tower Fill FRP Cooling Tower Nozzles FRP Cooling Tower Drift Eliminator FRP Cooling Tower Motor FRP Cooling Tower Fan FRP Cooling Tower Energy Fans Nozzel Splash Bar PVC Fills Bottle Type FRP Container Round Type FRP Container Square Shape FRP Container Rectangular Shape FRP Container

    Types: Square Type Cooling Shape

    Specifications: Capacity Ranges : 50 TR 60 TR 70 TR 80 TR 90 TR 100 TR 125 TR 150 TR 200 TR 250 TR 300 TR 400 TR 500 TR 1000 TR 4000 TR 5000 TR 6000 TR 8000 TR 10000 TR 20000 TR Motor HP : From 1.0 to 20 HP Weight and Sized will be as per our standards and customer requirements

    Applications: Automobile Industries, Cable Industries, Casting Units, Cement factory, Chemical Industires, Dairy Industries, Fertilizers Indusries, Food Industries, Hotels , Hospitals, Paper Industries, Petrochemical Industries, Pharmaceutical units, Plastic Industries, Refineries, Rubber Industries, Steel Plant & Rolling Plant, Sugar Mills, Textile Mills, Spinning Mills, Tyre Manufacturing units

  • Marine Heat Exchanger

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    The exchangers are the most common way to cool a boat’s engine, using the lake, river or ocean water in which the boat floats and also there are three methods employed for water-cooled marine petrol and diesel engines.

    Parts: Mercruiser heat exchangers, Marine Water Pumps and other Marine Cooling Systems Parts

    Applications: Gear Oil Coolers Fuel Coolers Hydraulic Oil Coolers Diesel Fuel Return Coolers Combination Coolers in Tandem Lube Oil Coolers

    Advantages: The exchangers are very high efficient and best product. High Quality design with high heat transfer ability. The advantages and problem areas with different heat exchanger types and materials are discussed. Marine heat exchanger is its size, cost and ease of adapting existing cold water systems to hot. Researchers, over the years, have used a variety of heat exchanger types and materials. The application of heat exchangers to large scale marine aquaculture


  • Natural Draft Cooling Tower

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    The Natural Draft Cooling towers are extremely important part of various industries like, Cement Plants, Heat industries, oil Plants, power station, Thermal Power Plants, chemical industries, foundry

    Types: Natural Draft Cooling Tower Forced Draft Cooling Tower

    Features: No requirement Fan, Motor and PVC fills. Well planned and designing Power saving and Low maintenance Superior Cooling good organization Installed for various type of cooling applications Easy to cleaning and maintenance Environmental Friendly No Mechanical Noise Safety of operation

    Applications: All Power Plants Thermal Power Plants Nuclear Power Plants Cement Plants Heat industries Oil Plants Power station Chemical industries and foundry Chilling plants Steel factory

    Advantages: Investment is costly but very less operational cost. No power required for fans operation Very Long Life construction period


  • Plate Finned Type Heat Exchanger

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    A Plate finned heat exchanger with 6 fins/cm provides approximately 1,300 m2 of surface per m3 of volume. This heat exchanger would be approximately 10% of the volume of an equivalen shell and tube heat exchanger with 9 mm tubes.

    Materials of Construction: Stainless steel casings, Copper Alloy tubes, Aluminum Fins or Foils, Copper Tubes, Carbon steel Casings

    Applications: The heat exchangers are developed by vacuum brazing technology and the heat exchangers as single units or as manifolded assemblies, isothermal reactors for chemical Plants and Coil wound heat exchangers and petrochemical industry plants.


  • Plate Type Heat Exchanger

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    Heat Transfer Equipments Plate Heat Exchangers contain above the ground heat transfer rate compared to other types of heat exchangers due to their huge outside area. This type of heat exchanger is a variety of heat exchanger with the purpose of uses metal plates to remove heat between two fluids and also the plate type heat exchanger is to decide the generally heat transfer coeffcient in a plate heat exchanger.

    Materials Of Construction: Standard Materials : Carbon stee, Gaskets Stainless steel 1.4301/AISI 304, 1.4401/AISI 316 Optionally: 1.4539, 254 SMO, titanium

    Applications: Chemical Plants Heat transfer fluids Power Generation Industries Waste heat recovery Thermal Power Plants Textile Industries Heat recovery Sugar Plants Automotive Industries are used this heat exchanger Water Treatment

    Advantages: Flexibility as well as easy to cleaning Small investment, process and maintenance expenses. High heat transfer coefficients Easy to open and cleaning of this product No additional space is necessary for dismantling


  • Pressure Vessels

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    Types Of Pressure Vessels: Thin Walled Pressure Vessel, Thick Walled Pressure Vessel, Vacuum Pressure Vessel Propane bottles and gas cylinders. Strong Tanks Pressure Vessel, Transportable Containers

    Applications: Gas Storage Vessels Water Treatment Industries Shipping Industry Refrigeration & Cryogenic


  • RCC Cooling Tower

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    The RCC Cooling Towers are mostly used by the following industries, Engineering industries, Huge industry Plants, Power Plants, Chemical Processing Industries are used this type of cooling tower and etc.

    Design: We design and developed the cross flow and counter flow type for specific requirements. We are Structural and standard design of RCC Cooling Tower in the market. Our new special design makes it a less important maintained rotary sprinklers or tiny nozzles

    Capacity: Capacity Available : 500 m3/hr to 4,500 m3/hr per cell and upto any capacity in multi cell. RCC Cooling Tower Capacity 200CuM/hr. to 3500 CuM/hr. per cell JC Equipments has a enormous variety of models to go well with different requirements.

    Types : Cross Flow Counter Flow.

    Features: We manufactured Cross flow type and Counter Flow Type cooling towers Lower maintenance for this type of cooling tower.

    Specifications: Range of our RCC Cooling Tower Capacity 200CuM/hr. to 3500 CuM/hr. per cell Package type (Range from 5TR to 500TR). High effectiveness mechanicals such as gear boxes, axial flow fans and drive shafts. Spiral Bevel type Gear. Higher capacities are offered in multi cell production. Available sizes are 1Cell to 18 cells. Privileged capacities are offered in multi cell production. Wood used can be preferred by the customers

    Applications: RCC Cooling Tower in Power Plant, Engineering industry plants, Industrial processing units Huge industry Plants, Steel Manufacturing industry plants Power Plants, Cement factory industries, Chemical Processing Industries are used this type of cooling tower

  • Removable Tube Sheet Heat Exchanger

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    A Removable Tube Sheet heat exchanger is the most common type of heat exchanger in all Industries. Mostly used in higher-pressure and Higher Temperature applications.

    Materials Of Construction: Stainless Steel, Copper Alloys and Other material options available.

    Applications: Heating or cooling oil Compressor Systems Tube Removers Lube Oil Consoles Hydraulic Systems Stationary Engines Turbine, Marine Applications Paint Systems Air Dryers Vapor Recovery Systems

    Advantages: Easy inspection or replacement Provides multi-tube-pass arrangements. Less costly Tube bundle can be cleaned manually or chemically Provides maximum heat transfer surface per given shell and tube size. Accommodates high temperature differentials

  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

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    Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers are for the most part of useful in bad water environments caused by pollution or from the chemicals used to counter it. A heat exchanger systems are used to remove heat power from one medium to another without the two media individual varied.

    Materials Of Construction: Stainless steel, Entrance Ports, Shell (Tough 316 stainless steel), Horizontal or Vertical Mounting, Clearances, Baffles

    Features: Double Tubesheet, Carbon Steel Bolting, Insulated, Tubes, Mounting Feet. High efficiency and Low consumption Heat tranfer area : 5-500square meters It is prepared of imported stainless steel pipe.

    Advantages: Easy maintenance and easy to install the SS heat exchanger All fluid get in touch with parts 316 Stainless Steel Materials Low power consumption


  • Timber Cooling Tower

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    Types: Timber Induced Draft Cross Counter Flow Cooling Tower

    Features: Wooden Single Flow and Double Flow induced Draft Cross Flow Direct Drive System. Reduction Gear Box Drive Suystem. Counter Flow Square / Rectangular Induced / Forced Draft Towers. Packaged Wooden Double / Single Flow Induced Draft Cross Flow. Fan-less Induced Draft Wooded Cooling Tower [ Atmospheric Natural Draft Cooling Towers]. Re-Inforced Concrete Cooling Towers. Spares For any Type and Make of Cooling Systems.

    Specifications: Temperature 4°C To 30°C 2 Cell Timber Cooling Tower 3 Cell Timber Cooling Tower 5 TR T0 1000 TR Uniform water spraying Fow Rate from 5 M3/Hr To 500 M3/Hr

    Design Data: Design Water Flow Rate – M3 /hr Hot Water Inlet Temperature – 0 C Cold Water Outlet Temperature – 0 C Wet Bulb Temperature at site – 0 C

    Applications: Automobile Industries, Cable Industries, Casting Units, Cement factory, Chemical Industires, Dairy Industries, Fertilizers Indusries, Food Industries, Hotels , Hospitals, Paper Industries, Power Generation Stations, Petrochemical Industries, Pharmaceutical units, Plastic Industries, Refineries, Rubber Industries, Steel Plant & Rolling Plant, Sugar Mills, Textile Mills, Spinning Mills, Tyre Manufacturing units Water effluent treatment industries

    Advantages: Economy In Operation Best Performance Architectural Compatability Maintenance Free


  • Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger

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    Applications:For preheating natural gas Non corrosive gas Heating requirements Industrial washing machines Oil coolers Gas coolers Condensers Chemical Marine Engines, Word boilers

    Advantages: Our Heat exchanger designed for installation with vertical tube bundle. Our new design increases the higher heat transfer rates.


  • U Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger

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    As per TEMA standard we can engineering and reverse engineering of U tube Heat exchanger and can duplicate your existing working U tube with custom build sizes and materials.  Other Types of Tube Bundles are Fixed Tube Bundles, Removable Tube Bundles, Straight Tube, U Tube, Single Wall and Double Wall JC U Tube bundle Heat exchanger are useful for your higher-pressure and Higher Temperature applications requirements. We also supply U tube budle assemblies only. We assemble with proper care and needfull backup for transporting. Also testing repairing and cleaning of u tube bundle heat exchanger with expert team. You can use our U tubes for Hairpin type heat exchanger.